Wild Wood safety 

What we do to make things safe for all our visitors

Your safety whilst visiting Wild Wood is paramount. Please find below a list of procedures we employ to ensure you have a great worry-free time up in the trees.

For our Wild Wood Adventure course, one of our instructors will help you get in to your full body harness and issue you with your Safe Roller. You will then have a safety briefing and then an instructor will attach you to the safety wire so you cannot become detached. It's unique design will allow you to go around the course, platforms and trees without the need to clip in or out on both loops of challenges. When leaving the tower either by the long zips or the fan descender, an instructor will be there to make sure you are clipped in to this equipment properly before use.

For our Wild Kids Junior Course, one of our instructors will help the children get in to their full body harness and attatch a Safe Roller. Then, after making sure they feel OK we will thread them onto the safety wire at ground level. Once connected to the safety wire they cannot become detached until they have completed each loop of challenges with a zip wire back to the ground level again.

Here are copies of the paperwork we ask you to sign on arrival;  Here is our DisclaimerHere are our Safety Rules and Advice.

Every day, before opening, we check the course for wear and condition. We also have regular structural checks of the entire course from top to bottom including professional tree condition reports. 

Our equipment is monitored and checked using Papertrail, the industry leading web-based safety management system.

Our staff are trained and assessed to ensure that they are not only there to help keep you safe but to help out in an emergency situation.

Our Safe Roller system does away with the need to clip in and out of the safety wire whilst at height. As the name suggests, the protection is continuous so you are free to enjoy your experience without worry - see here.

Our course was designed and built by J M Adventure who are one of the leading companies providing Adventure Courses in the UK. 

Our governance is by ERCA (the European Ropes Course Association) who are the governing body for High Ropes Businesses. Wild Wood are corporate members and abide with their recommendations in operation & safety.