Booking Terms and Conditions

1. General

a - These Booking Terms and Conditions apply to the booking of Wild Wood Adventure, Wild Kids, Wild Wood Challenge (the 'Activities') and any further products offered by Wild Wood Adventure.

b - These Booking Terms and Conditions contain important information regarding participation by you and the members of your party and accordingly, you acknowledge and agree that you shall ensure that all members of your party are aware of and accept these Booking Terms and Conditions.

c - No variation to these Booking Terms and Conditions shall be binding unless agreed in writing by Wild Wood Adventure.

d - Wild Wood Adventure reserves the right to make changes to the Activities for any reason.

2. Confirmation

a - No booking shall be deemed to have been accepted unless accepted in writing (which includes an email confirmation) by Wild Wood Adventure.

b - These Booking Terms and Conditions incorporate Wild Wood Adventure's Privacy Policy, Risk Acknowledgement and Consent Form. You and each adult member of your party will be required to sign the Risk Acknowledgement and Consent Form before being allowed to undertake the Activities. If there are any children under your charge you will be required to sign as their guardian for their visit. 

c - You must advise Wild Wood Adventure as soon as possible of any mistake in Wild Wood Adventure’s booking confirmation. Wild Wood Adventure shall use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that you and your party’s participation commences at the time booked and it shall be the responsibility of each participant to ensure that they arrive in sufficient time. Late arrivals may not be permitted to undertake the Activities and no refunds or compensation will be payable in such circumstances.

3. Safety

a - The Activities include high ropes courses, freefall descender, zipwires, climbing wall and other various team building equipment and participation is not without risk as a fall could be fatal. All participants will receive safety training from a Wild Wood instructor prior to their session.

b - Wild Wood Adventure reserves the right to refuse admittance to the Activities or to remove a participant from the Activities should it deem it necessary to do so. This includes a participant who does not comply with the safety rules and advice and the safety system or who is deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

c - After the safety briefing, participants will not be directly supervised by an instructor. On the Wild Wood Adventure course, a participating adult must accompany under 14 year olds up to a maximum ratio of 6 children and be on the course equally between them. Participating adults must sign a Risk Acknowledgement and Consent Form stating that he or she will accept responsibility for the safety of him or herself and for supervision of children in his or her care.

d - All participants must be reasonably fit and healthy, and are subject to the age, height and weight restrictions for each Activity as stated at time of booking. Wild Wood Adventure uses various Petzl harnesses that cover most body types. If your statistics are close to or exceed the safe fitting of these harnesses you will not be able to participate and you will be given a full refund.

e - All participants are required to wear a full body safety harness provided by Wild Wood Adventure and fitted by an instructor and once fitted, participants must not tamper with the fittings.

f - The Activities are physically demanding and require a degree of agility, strength and stamina. If participants are in any doubt as to whether they should attempt the Activities they are advised to walk the course before booking. If participants have medical concerns they are advised to consult their doctor in advance. Participants will be required to certify that they do not suffer from any medical condition which would make it more likely that they would be involved in any incident which could result in injury to themselves or others. Due to the physical nature of the Activities Wild Wood recommends that pregnant women should not take part. Pregnant women who still wish to undertake the activities will be required to sign a disclaimer confirming that they are aware that there are risks to them and to their unborn child and that participation in the Activities is at their own risk.

g - Wild Wood Adventure shall be entitled to prevent any person from undertaking or completing the Activities if it deems the behaviour of any participant unsuitable.

i - Participants must be dressed appropriately and, for safety reasons, Wild Wood Adventure reserves the right to refuse admittance to the Activities to any participant who is not appropriately dressed.

j - The Activities will remain open in most weather conditions apart from very high winds, electrical storms, heavy ice or snow at the discretion of the Duty Manager.

k. No refunds or compensation will be payable by Wild Wood Adventure in the event that any participant is not permitted to, or decides not to, undertake or complete the Activities.

4. Clothing

a - It shall be the responsibility of all participants to ensure that they are dressed appropriately and Wild Wood Adventure advises participants to wear clothing appropriate for the weather conditions and which they do not mind getting damaged. In particular please note that Participants may not undertake the Activities in open-toed or slip-off shoes and long hair must be tied back.

b - Wild Wood Adventure will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of clothing or other personal items of persons resulting from participation in the Activities.

5. Cancellations and Alterations

a. You shall be entitled to cancel your booking subject to Wild Wood Adventure receiving your request for cancellation at least 7 days before the booked start time.

b. Wild Wood Adventure shall be entitled to cancel your booking at any time. In the event that Wild Wood Adventure has to cancel your booking it shall use its reasonable endeavours to notify you as soon as possible. You shall be entitled to a full refund in the event of cancellation under this clause but no other compensation shall be payable.

c. If you need to move the date of your booking prior to 7 days before your start date we reserve the right to charge a £10 administration fee.

6. Price and Payment

a - Subject to any terms agreed in writing by Wild Wood Adventure our charges for all Activities shall be due in full at the time of booking.

7. Refunds and Amendments

a - Payments made by debit or credit card will be refunded to the same card or, if the card has subsequently expired, by bank transfer.

8. Liabilities

a - Wild Wood Adventure shall not be responsible for the loss, or damage, of or to any property or to any person arising from the booking of or participation in the Activities.

b - Parking facilities at Peacock Wood, Stoke Park, Guildford are not part of Wild Wood Adventure and therefore as such any vehicles and their contents are left at the owners’ risk.

c - Except as otherwise provided in these Booking Terms and Conditions any liability of Wild Wood Adventure shall be limited to the refund of any charges paid to Wild Wood Adventure.

9. Marketing

a - From time to time we take pictures/videos during activities at Wild Wood Adventure. By taking part in these activities, you are giving us your permission to use any pictures of yourself and anybody in your party for possible use in Wild Wood promotion and marketing. We will never sell these pictures and only use them exclusively for our own use. If you object to us using images of you or your party then please inform us in writing to when making your booking.

10. Miscellaneous

a - These Booking Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the Laws of England.