Treetop fun for kids who love adventure

Wild Kids is our course designed and built just for kids. Hard enough to be fun, easy enough to be do-able! 

So. What's it all about? Ascend the steps of the start tower and onto the first run of obstacles, then teeter over bridges, balance across logs, swing on ropes and whizz back to earth on a zip wire. 

Then come back to the tower and start the second run with a climbing wall to traverse, more zips in the trees, more wobbly things to cross, before another long zip wire to the ground.

There is a lot to do! You get an hour of fun with each booking and there is usually time to go around on the course again until your time is up.

Who can have a go?

Wild Kids need to be over 1 metre tall and between 6 & 12 years old - no previous experience necessary! 

Children aged 6 & 7 years must be accompanied by a paying adult on the course and can supervise up to 2 children (this is because we find the little ones usually need a bit of adult support on the course). 

Children aged 8+ years may go on the course without an adult, but we ask that a parent/guardian remains on site to ensure the children get the most out of their experience. 

Adults are welcome to have a go on the course too. . . trust us, its great fun for Big Kids too!

But remember, after seeing 1,000s of children visit Wild Kids, it was designed with adventurous children in mind and some more timid children can find it difficult. This is a very small number but we think it is fair to make this point as we want everyone to have a good time. 


Don't risk your children having a bad adventure!  The above age and size information is there for good reason. Some parents have booked their children in younger than 6 years thinking it will be OK. It is NOT. Also, some parents are booking in 6 and 7 year olds and not having an adult go with them on the course. This is NOT a good idea as we know that younger children need an adult helping hand and younger than 6 years will struggle. 

We want everyone to have a great time. The Wild Kids course can be as high as 5m/16ft, which is as high as a double decker bus - it is not a low level playground. Please book responsibly.


All the time, everyone will be perfectly safe from falling as they are continually connected to the safety wire by our 'Saferoller' system. So once attached you can't come off until you are back at ground level. You are free to have the time of your life?

Thinking of a kids party?

Then Wild Kids is the ideal venue - we host all sizes of parties and they are very popular. For more information see our kids party page here.

Just £17.50 per child or adult

The price is the same for a child or adult and entitles you to a one hour session. If you need more detailed information on Wild Kids please visit our FAQs and Top Tips and then our booking page

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