Frequently Asked Questions 

Got a question? This is a list of the ones we get asked the most

Big enough? Small enough?
Minimum Age – 11yrs
Minimum Height – 1.4m (4 foot 7 inches)
Maximum weight – 130kg (20.5 stones)

Supervision of Juniors on Wild Wood Adventure
11-13 year olds need to be accompanied on the course by a paying adult at a maximum ratio of 1 adult to 6 children. 14+ year olds can go unaccompanied!

How safe is it? 
At Wild Wood we operate with the Safe Roller Continuous Belay System, this is a Swiss developed and manufactured safety system that allows you to be attached to our safety wire at all times. Once our instructors have helped you into your harness we will show you how to use the equipment and have a practice at ground level. This will show you how it all works, and what it feels like if you fall off so you know that you are perfectly safe once you start.

At each level our staff will supervise how you start the course and then you remain attached until you come off at the end with no tedious clipping and unclipping and no worry about whether you've done things correctly. You will be free to enjoy your adventure! 

What if I am terrified of heights?
Everybody should be a little apprehensive of being at height or there is something wrong with you! However, we designed the course so that it starts at a lower level to get you used to it quickly. Once you have been on the first two or three obstacles you will find you start to get acclimitised to being off the ground, realise that your safety equipment works a treat and you wonder why you were scared in the first place (results may vary depending on your fear threshold).

Do I need to book in advance?
We recommend that you always book in advance as we often get booked out, especially during weekends and school holidays. 

What about the weather?
We operate in all kinds of weather. The only time we do not operate is if, in the view of the centre or duty manager, the prevailing conditions become too dangerous. Then we will stop the activity and give you a chance to rebook at another time. The only weather we do not operate in is very high winds, heavy snow and electrical storms that are directly overhead (as distinct from storms that are either forecast or heard in the distance). However, in practice it is very rare for us to stop activities on site. We believe there is no wrong weather but only the wrong kind of clothing. Therefore, we suggest that our customers allow for the correct clothing to deal with the kind of climate the UK gives us. . . if in doubt, please check the weather forecast before leaving. 

Is there a time limit to complete the course?
There is no time limit, you go at your own pace to enjoy your visit, but ask that if it is a busy day you are mindful of people behind you.

Can I have more goes on the Wild Zips or Wild Drop?
Yes, you can. It costs just £5 when you book online or pay at reception when you arrive.

When are you open?
Opening times vary depending on time of year. However, between February and November we will be open every weekend, bank and school holiday and occasional midweek days. Please check availability on our Booking Calendar.

Do we wear helmets?
We have risk assessed the pros and cons of participants wearing helmets and we have decided that the disadvantages of participants wearing safety helmets outweigh the minimal benefits of wearing them on the Wild Wood Adventure course.

Can I bring a large group?
Our online booking system shows the maximum number available in any given session. If your group exceeds the capacity shown for a particular time slot then book across the next or previous available session.  

Is there Car Parking?
You will bedelighted to know that we have a car park on-site and there is no charge for parking at Wild Wood. 

Are the toilets nearby?
There are toilets (including disabled and baby changing facilities) directly next door to our reception.

How about Public Transport?
Of course you can also arrive by bus or train. Please see our ‘find us’ page for details. 

Do I need to bring any paperwork?
No - just bring yourself and your party. However, if you are bringing children under 18 you are not directly related to you, you will need to have asked their parents to have approval to bring them to Wild Wood so you can sign them in. 

Can anyone watch? 
Everyone is more than welcome to watch, take photos and offer encouragement from the ground all through the woods. Or why not enjoy a freshly brewed coffee or tea from our kiosk at reception whilst you're here?

Do your instructors go with you on the course?
No, you are on your own! But fear not, our instructors are always on hand, patrolling the Woods and course and making sure everyone is having a great time and giving tips and advice where needed.

Are you insured?
Wild Wood holds £10m of public liability insurance.

Do you have any special needs restrictions? 
Wild Wood positively encourages all levels of ability to have a go. However, for participants who may require specialist equipment or who you feel may need extra attention or supervision, we would ask you to contact us before booking so we can help you get the most out of your visit.

What if I have a pre-existing injury or medical condition?
Wild Wood staff are not medically qualified and so are not able to assess if a customer is able to use our facilities. If you think you may have a problem you should contact your doctor for further advice.

What if I’m pregnant?
We don't recommend you go on the Wild Wood Adventure course if you are pregnant. If you do decide to take part in the full knowledge of your pregnancy then you do so at your own risk and those of your unborn child.

What is your cancellation policy?
You can cancel your booking for any reason up to 7 days before the booked start time and receive a full refund. To do so please either call us on 0844 8800026 or email us at clearly telling us your name, the date and time of the booking and the reference number so we may cancel your booking and organise a refund to the credit card you made the initial booking with.  We regret that any bookings within seven days of the event cannot be refunded.