Top Tips! 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind

Getting over the fear
Everyone (well, 99.9%) has a genuine apprehension of being at height. We have helped cure thousands of people step out of their comfort zone and nearly all our customers find they surprise themselves after their trip in the trees. Of course, our instructors will help you with plenty of encouragement and reassurance.

Completing Wild Wood needs a degree of physical fitness but most people are able to complete the courses - there should be nothing an active adventurer shouldn't be able to cope with. The course has been carefully created to offer a physical and stimulating challenge to people of all abilities. For those who are very fit, there are some more demanding alternative obstacles on route. For those who are not so fit - holding on to your lanyard as you go around will make everything a LOT easier!

Wearing the right stuff
Please wear something you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. Dress for the weather, so bring along something waterproof if it’s raining and warm if it's cold! Please wear appropriate footwear - trainers are ideal. No sandals or slip-off shoes and you’ll need closed toe and heel shoes with flat soles. We recommend gloves, especially if it is cold. Long hair must be tied back.

Take your time
We advise you allow between 1.5 and 3 hours for your visit depending on how busy the course is and how fit you are! There are 3 distinct parts to the course and you may need to rest between each part. There are passing points on the course so if you want to get by a slower mover or let someone go ahead you can. 

Take some pictures
In fact, take as many as you want, there are some great photo opportunities at Wild Wood. But please be aware that if you are on the course people may be behind you waiting to have their go. Please also be careful not to drop anything and please keep them tucked out of harm's way when not in use to keep them and you safe.

Keep your belongings safe
You need to ensure your belongings are safe and will not fall out of your pockets. If in doubt, please lock them out of sight in your car.

Arrive in good time!
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your booked slot to give you time to park and sort yourself out. Late arrivals will be charged at full price at busy times to be fair to all our customers who have booked a time slot. If you are late then the next session has to take priority and on a very busy day there would be a real possibility we might not be able to fit you in. 

Wild weather closures
Wild Wood operates in pretty much any weather. However, it will be very rare but sometimes we will have to close at short notice because of exceptional bad weather. This will include electrical storms directly overhead, very high winds and snow or ice which makes the courses unsafe. If this happens, we’ll try and contact you, which is why we ask for your mobile phone number when you book. If we haven’t been able to inform you of a closure before you arrive, the duty manager will update you on likely re-opening times. If we do have to cancel your booking then you will have the opportunity to rebook at a later time. 

Anything else?
We hope we have covered everything you need to know, but if you have any more questions please let us know here.